Is The Hump Near My Neck Dangerous?

Many times when a Hump forms there are forgotten injuries that are silently creating swelling or destruction of tissue in your upper back and lower neck.  The blood supply and cervical nerves at the base of your neck are being squeezed causing tissue swelling forming a Hump known as a Dowagers Hump. The body knows that this is a weakened area that has multiple injuries that have been forgotten about from previous whiplash, spinal sprains,  falls or blows to your head and back.

Many people have been told that the hump on their back of your neck or upper back is osteoporosis and can never be changed? Yet when you look at why this swelling was created  you begin to see that your body was just trying to protect itself from previous injuries that have been ignored or you didn’t realize that a fall, car accident or blow to the head would have long term consequences. Our experience has shown that the seeds of Dowagers Hump comes from forgotten spinal injuries of the upper back and lower neck, brain trauma, hormone imbalances and digestive problems affecting bone and muscle tissues formation.  Many times the ligaments in the neck are stretched, torn on one side, or have worn away part of the  cervical disc in your neck or upper back. This has been worn away from long term mini traumas that were looked at as just a crick in your neck, a shoulder soreness or restriction in moving your neck from side to side. Sometimes the rib cage is twisted, collar bones are twisted, or the breast bone is twisted to compensate for the changes in your upper back and lower neck. Other times you may have arm, hand or fingers that are showing symptoms that you didn’t relate to being connected to the whiplash injury to your neck strain or sprain or nerves being pressured. Because there are so many different systems of the body involved in this type of condition,  the entire body and brain need to be evaluated to create an effective treatment plan instead of just working on the symptoms. One of the best ways of determining how your body is affected is to look ate the energy levels of tissues all over the body and determine what the blue print of cell energy is and what specific system that need to be helped first to start the process of rebuilding the body’s health.


Picture EDS

Picture Whiplash

Picture Brain Injury

Picture Disc Degeneration Whiplash



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